Value People Process

People Process Technology.  Few can dispute the importance of each of these three words in an organization.  There may be disagreement on the order of the words – my argument being that for years organizations have focused on the technology, glanced at the process, and ignored the people – thus one of the reasons for many IT failures organizations experience.  To break this trend, the approach I’ve espoused is to Focus on the Process while Engaging and Involving the People to Prepare for Technology.  I’m convinced this is the right approach when addressing these three words.  But, are they the right three words we should be focusing on? Continue reading

Lean & Forrester's Business Technology Forum

Well, it appears my fears have been realized.  As I mentioned in a prior post, Lean & IT, I expressed concern on how IT organizations and consultants would respond to Forrester’s declaration that Lean is “in.”  Regarding Lean, Forrester’s own blog said to, “consider it more a mindset and a culture than a guide.”  It was interesting then to receive in the mail the other day, from Forrester no less, a brochure on their Business Technology Forum 2009, with the theme, Lean: The New Business Technology Imperative.  However, it went downhill quickly from there. Continue reading

Is Chaos the New Equilibrium?

“We’re waiting for things to return to normal.”  How many times in the past few months have we heard this?  But what if the situation we are in is now the new “normal?”  Many organizations are holding back, sitting on the sidelines, if you will, waiting for economic conditions to stabilize, to become more in control.  What if the control limits have greatly expanded?  Perhaps, now, we are “in control,” based on the new parameters?  Continue reading