Remember the Other Perspective

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is our (society’s) ability to insulate ourselves from activities occurring beyond our own area of expertise or interest.  I lead a seminar the other day to present some of the fundamentals of Process Improvement to attorneys and how these fundamentals could be applied to their firms.  When I asked how many had heard of “Lean”, a couple raised their hands; “Six Sigma” grabbed a few more, but “Theory of Constraints” – nada.

The lack of knowledge about these techniques while initially took me back; I mean, everyone knows about Lean, Six Sigma, etc. – right?  Attorneys are smart people, they should know about this stuff.  Well, not really.  I fell into the same trap that amazes me – I was only looking at things from the perspective of my own little world.  Yes, attorneys are very smart people, but if in their experiences they have not had the opportunity to be exposed to Process Improvement, how can they be expected to know anything about it?

If we truly want to change or improve a situation, we need to remember to look at things from the other person’s perspective – and not just through the lens of our own looking glass.

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