How to Handle a Mistake

A colleague of mine recently had to make that most unpleasant phone call.  He had to call a client just before a board meeting and tell them there was an error in a calculation, that the information provided was wrong, and it would take some time to correct.  Needless to say, the client was not happy.  He delayed the presentation to the board until next month. Continue reading


Consultants Who Give Consultants a Bad Name

I am a consultant.  There.  I said it.  Although admission may be the first step toward recovery, I prefer to think of myself as a facilitator, coach, or business advisor, especially since in some circles being called  a consultant can have the same feeling a being called a snake oil salesman – leaves you feeling a bit….. well… you know.  It’s not that consultants aren’t needed – many organizations lack the expertise that consultants can bring to the table; it’s just that, many consultants simply point out issues management already knows exists and don’t present a viable plan for fixing the problem (unless it involves hiring them to fix it). Continue reading

Healthcare Reform and Innovation

Over the past several weeks I have attended and participated in several seminars on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), or more commonly referred to as the Healthcare Reform Act.  Presentations have included discussions on the tax implications, Justice Department enforcement, and the Insurance industry impact.  There have also been several expert panels comprised of executives from providers and insurers discussing the impact on their organizations and for some, their personal views on the subject.

One of the themes I have observed from these panelists has been, with a few exceptions, a prevailing attitude of, “How am I going to fit the new requirements of the Healthcare Reform Act into my existing system?”  I’m not so sure this is the right question to ask. Continue reading