Do titles matter?

If they do, then why are so many people with such big titles unable to make decisions in their organizations?  If they don’t, then why does everyone seem to want a bigger and more grandiose title?

Maybe it makes us feel good at the summer cookout when we can say we’re the “Executive Senior Vice President of (fill in the blank)”.  And people go “wow – now that sounds impressive”.    But does it matter?

It might matter to some external aristocrat who won’t take a meeting with anyone below a Vice-President (yes they are out there), but internal to the organization – the place that actually pays you, does having a title help you be effective?

For some it may, but for many, I wonder.

So, would you rather have a title or influence?


2 thoughts on “Titles

  1. Glenn,

    the measure of a title is signature authority, i.e. how much can the person sign for without going to their boss for approval. As a rule of thumb, a VP should have at least $50K in signing authority.

    Where this is most meaningful is in job interviews. Someone comes in saying they were “VP of this-or-that”, and it turns out their VP title actually means “Virtually Peon”.


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