Focusing on the Outputs Doesn’t Change Them

Too often in life, we have a problem.  So in order to solve the problem and improve the situation we focus on the output and apply our solution.  Take, for example, the Medicaid expansion outlined in the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. ObamaCare). Continue reading


An Overly Simplistic View of PI

Process Identification -> Process Improvement -> Performance Improvement -> Performance Excellence -> Operational Excellence

The journey of Continuous Improvement is long, arduous, and best of all, never-ending.  One could say that is the whole nature of the word “continuous”.  This road does, however, have several checkpoints.  With that said, here we’ll provide an overview of the entire journey, but spend more time at the beginning – because that’s where it all starts!

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Understanding Your Value

What value do you really provide?

What value do you really provide to your customers, organization, or whomever you are providing a product or service?  Do you know or do you just think you know?  You may provide a product (or service) that is very unique, or you deliver it in such a unique way that it provides value to those who purchase the product; but do you truly understand why they buy? Continue reading

Do Executives “Get It?”

The other day I attended a seminar on the importance of corporate wellness programs, and the positive ROI that can be gained from their implementation.  To get to the seminar from the lobby, there were 2 choices – a flight of about 40 steps, or an elevator.  I took the steps, after all this was a seminar on “wellness”.  While walking up the steps, I noticed an elevator packed with “executives” from various local organizations with a line forming for the next ride.  I thought – “They’re attending a seminar on corporate wellness, and they can’t even walk up a flight of steps… they just don’t get it.” Continue reading