Managers & Leaders

While perusing though LinkedIn updates recently, I noticed a definite trend when it comes to comparing Managers and Leaders.  It basically boils down to this: Manager = Bad; Leader = Good.

Based on the prevailing wisdom, one would come to the conclusion that managers are evil, nasty, no good, dirty, rotten, scoundrels, while leaders are compassionate, kind, giving of their time, and patient, caring, just plain wonderful people.  Continue reading


On Management and Leadership

Leader or Manager?  Manager or Leader?  Which one are you?  It appears, based on the prevailing conventional wisdom you can only be one.  And there can be little doubt, given the volume of books, articles, etc., published which one the consultants, academics and experts feel you should be: Leader.  But why do you have to be just one?  Why does the conjunction used have to be “or”?  Why can’t it be “and”? Continue reading

Work Life Balance – Has Technology Helped or Hurt?

I happened upon an article on which stated “30% of U.S. workers who employ technology as part of their jobs feel the need to maintain a digital link to their employer at all times.”  The article also stated, “Technology is supposed to facilitate one’s work experience, making tasks smoother and more efficient, not push work so far beyond a traditional 9-5 office-based lifestyle.”  In the end, the author concluded, ”Isn’t it time to tell your company that your life is your life, and work-based tech should be kept at work?”  So, has technology helped or hurt work life balance? Continue reading

The Importance of Error-Proofing

Error-Proofing, Mistake-Proofing, Poka-Yoke.  Whatever name we want to give them, they all are methods that help operators avoid mistakes in their work.  Devices and tools based on this premise have been utilized in virtually every industry to minimize / eliminate the ability of an operator to make a mistake and pass that mistake to the next step in the process – the elimination of human error.  But, just how far should we take this? Continue reading

Value People Process

People Process Technology.  Few can dispute the importance of each of these three words in an organization.  There may be disagreement on the order of the words – my argument being that for years organizations have focused on the technology, glanced at the process, and ignored the people – thus one of the reasons for many IT failures organizations experience.  To break this trend, the approach I’ve espoused is to Focus on the Process while Engaging and Involving the People to Prepare for Technology.  I’m convinced this is the right approach when addressing these three words.  But, are they the right three words we should be focusing on? Continue reading